Using Simulations For Advanced Animations

Blender provides a set of physical simulation tools. There are different kind of fields, cloth-, water- and softbodysimulation and particle systems. Using an extract of my animation "Having A Ball" I will explain how some of them work.

Cloth Animation

The flag in the picture is made using cloth settings and an animated wind field. For cloth animation it is important to have a high amount of vertices to get proper results.

Wind Fields

Wind fields have also been added to the grass to make it move natural.

Particle Emitter

The grass is made with a hair particle emitter.


And finally the balls are deflecting the grass with a spherical field around them. The grass uses weight paint for difference in density and length.

Physics Simulation

It is also possible to simulate gravity and physical body interaction in the so-called game mode. These movements may be saved to an IPO-curve and used in the animation. Examples of physics animations are included on the CD in the folder "Sample Files". To start game mode animations hit "P" and to start the others hit "ALT + A".
simulation picture from having a ball
An extract of the animation Having A Ball
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