Developing A Good And Produceable Story

A good animation story does not only have to be engaging but all the more producible! To get some ideas you should watch other animations or read some stories. Ask yourself who or what would drive your story. Would it be a unique character or rather a specific set? Is it all about the story or only the animating?

Do not overestimate your possibilities

You should find the equilibrium in having a unique character, a nice and quite realistic set and also an engaging and complete story. Of course it would be nice to create animals like in the movies "Madagascar" or "Ice Age" and let them do the funniest things, or to have an epic mass battle like in "The Lord of the Rings". But this will never have be possible within the given resources of a private project. It has to be much simpler. Maybe you can combine some your ideas.


To keep your thoughts and give them a bit more of a basis you have to make a storyboard. That means drawing your animation shot by shot. It may also contain instructions, camera details or arrows as indication of movements. It has to show the most important steps in the animation.
Storyboard from "Having A Ball"
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